Sunset Park Elementary


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School Improvement Plan

For information on the 2018 2019
Sunset Park School Improvement Plan, please visit NC Star.

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School Improvement Team Members

The School Improvement Team here at Sunset Park Elementary is comprised of elected staff 
representatives from each grade level, department and elected parent representatives.
The team meets once a month throughout the school year to discuss school wide issues as they 
pertain to the goals and objectives of our Mission statement and School Improvement Plan.
Decisions are made based on a consensus of the team members.
If you have any issues that you would like to be presented to the School Improvement Team
please feel free to contact of of the members below.

Committee Position * Name*(denotes voting member)
Principal Diego Lehocky
Assistant Principal Representative Ashley Cearfoss
Chairperson Melanie Rhyne
MTSS Heather Heinze
Teacher Assistant Representatives Mary Ann Blackwell
Maggie Heath
Parent Representatives Holly Wilkinson
Kindergarten Representatives Renee Robles
Jodi Butler
1st Grade Representative Charmaine Griffin
2nd Grade Representative Taylor Secco
3rd Grade Representative Christine Gough
4th Grade Representative Julie Fry
5th Grade Representative Colbey Garrison
Student Support Representative Claire McFall
AIG Representative Danielle Greer
EC Representatives Mark Zimmerman 
Amy DiMarco
Specialist's Representative Kathleen Revell
ELL Representatives Natalie Picazo